Guardtex | Design and manufacture
of technical textile solutions


We design and manufacture protective technical textiles for industry.
We work with design offices, architects, engineers, technicians and buyers of new solutions.

We are a competence centre, driving your performance in aviation, outdoor, safety, boating and serving local authorities.

Types of designs

Design of technical textiles solutions to protect, cover, safeguard against dust and splashes, ensure confidentiality and save energy: seats, carbon ply, ply reinforcements, protective covers for floors, walls and corners, landing mats, personal safety, climbing barriers, protective covers for aircraft when they are on land, access corridor for production teams, protective covers for hydraulic pumps and pipes, solar panel covers, carbon foils, custom sail covers, deck bags, Lazybags, boat fenders, protective covers for cockpit computer screens.

Types of materials

Matières magnétiques
Film plastique épais, PE, PET, etc.
Papier cartonné, carton, etc.
Polypropylene alvéolé
Coroplast, Akyprint, etc.
X-Board, Re-board, carton alvéolé ou nid d‘abeille, etc.
Mousse en polystyrène et polyuréthane, EPS, et matériaux similaires
Carton ondulé
Carton ondulé à triple cannelure, carton épais, etc.
Caoutchouc naturel, silicone, latex, etc.
Bannières en tissus, polyester, tricots, etc.
Tissus caoutchoutés, lycra, bannières, etc.
Tissus Techniques
Fibres de carbones unidirectionnel et tissées, kevlar, tissus secs, préimprégnés, etc.
Matières pour structures gonflables


Design of technical textile solutions for industry and community facilities.

We design high-tech textile solutions. From design to digitization, Guardtex provides custom solutions, from very small parts to very large formats, from a few centimetres up to several dozen metres.
When evaluating the options available for a new industrial project, companies have several solutions. One of these options is to use the services of an engineering firm. The services include specification of needs, preliminary design, preliminary architectural design, detailed engineering and prototyping.

So how do you choose one engineering firm over another?

Our engineering firm gives you an external resource for your projects, which can open up unexplored avenues, help you optimise your design lead time, define your requirements and develop very complex protective covers. We often have to deal with complex shapes or spaces that need to be protected, which can prove difficult.

Guardtex has developed our own digitization tools, so you can benefit from services that make all the difference. We do the design and engineering, generate all manufacturing data and provide you with AD HOC production files.
Example: We engineer the plies so that they can go directly to the cutting tools. In other words, we provide the machining files for your CNC machines.

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